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Testimonial: "When I joined Social Action, I believed for the first time that if we young people work and learn about the things that are of interest to us, like: education to better our future, learn and fight for non-discrimination, and how to be a better citizen, we could change things,"

Why was Social Action Inc. started: (LaTonya Graves) SAI was launched in 2003 by David Goodson. I recall David calling for a meeting of several individuals where he gave his vision of further assisting the community through an idea named Social Action Inc.

From his initial meeting, the initial Board of Directors was formed and those who were nominated jumped at the opportunity to serve. Back then, SAI was funded completely out of pocket (by David). Due his past, people weren’t really donating – the community wanted to see that he really changed until they would in turn supported him. The organization started gaining momentum and started steadily receiving funding from community resources around 2008/2009. Social Action is a Human Empowerment Resource Institute for Social Change in the Cedar Valley.

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Social Action Inc. Programs

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